Conscious consumption, a trend to follow

Conscious consumption has become an emerging trend in 2020 according to a Pinterest search study. Many individuals and young families are adopting a conscious approach to living which sees the need to reduce carbon footprints and help save the environment.

Here are a few ways to implement an environmentally thoughtful style to your home purchases:

Eco-friendly appliances

Saving you on utility bills and helping with the creation of a more sustainable environment; eco-friendly appliances are the perfect choice for new homeowners! From fridges and freezers to smaller appliances like your kettle, there are new and improved options that are energy and water efficient for this purpose.

Natural décor

Décor is an important contribution to what makes a house feel like a home. Hanging up a painting or a plant gives your space a sense of personality. When considering eco-friendly options, you can look for sustainable rugs made from natural materials and bamboo accessories. Choose to grow your own little indoor plants that are managed easily with a little sunlight and water daily. If you want to go that extra mile, growing an at-home herb garden on your balcony is another easy way to become eco-conscious and save money.  Don’t forget to opt for energy saving light bulbs on your light fixtures which can help you save on your electricity utility bill.

Lifestyle changes

Be mindful of the choices you make around your home. Make recycling a routine habit by putting processes in place for you and your family. Go paperless! Having a no paper household helps with the overall aesthetic of your home and prevents excessive clutter in areas. If paper is necessary, then opt to recycle it afterwards. The same idea applies with plastic; you can switch from plastic to reusable glass, cloth and biodegradable material when it comes to packaging items. These options can often lead to saving money as you reuse. Simple changes like taking your own shopping bags to the grocery store or using refillable water bottles make a difference to the environment and enhance the aesthetic of your home overall.

Pebble Beach is surrounded by natures bets, from lush forest to the Indian Ocean. The interior design offers a modern approach to living and with that we should take a modern approach to our décor choices with green, eco-friendly designs at top of mind.

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