Eat out on the North Coast

21 September 2020

A restaurant and recreational mecca Sibaya’s ultimate design will include a multitude of experiences for recreation. With its own retail piazza, people will be able to dine and dwell at …


World-class rooftop restaurants

11 August 2020

There’s nothing better than spending time relaxing and eating great fare on a beautiful rooftop space. If you have been on our rooftop lately, you will know that a stunning …


Top tips to grow plants and herbs on your patio

1 August 2020

Turn your homemade meals up a notch with a sprinkling of fresh herbs! Store-bought herbs tend to spoil quite quickly, so why not invest a little time and money into …


The best resort pools on the planet

21 July 2020

Hotel Bel-Air, California Framed by California’s trademark palm trees and other blossoming blooms, the hotel boasts a beautiful outdoor pool. Interestingly, a horse-riding ring existed where the pool now is, …


Décor trends from The Set-up team

26 June 2020

Creating the perfect space needn’t be expensive or time-consuming, and with the right professional help you can furnish your property to suit your lifestyle and your needs. The Set-up is …


Some of the luckiest golf shots ever!

10 June 2020

Aside from the relaxing resort-like atmosphere, living at Pebble Beach means you can spend time perfecting your putt on the estate’s putting green while enjoying fresh air, sunshine and sea …


Our top 3 water slides from across the world

28 May 2020

The advantage of living at Pebble Beach, within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, means you can live the outdoor lifestyle while also having access to beaches, coastal forest, walking and biking …


Pebble Beach’s perfect peanut butter and banana pancakes

10 May 2020

South Africans are spending a lot more time at home which means more opportunities to perfect your culinary skills. Whether you’re a baker, a pastry whizz, a meat-lover, or a …


South Africa’s Google search trends reveal people’s needs and wants

25 April 2020

Coastal Property has long held its value and remained a desirable investment for both those who can, and those who can’t afford it. Property-owner aspirations have always equated seaside living …


Our lives depend on sharks

20 March 2020

It’s time we change our thinking about these ocean predator and stepped up to try and protect them as much as we can. Right now, the biggest threat to their …


What the world needs now, is sharks

6 March 2020

Sharks are a valuable part of the ecosystem and their existence is crucial to keeping it in balance. Statistically the number of shark attacks are low- more people are killed …


Pebble beach owners can earn a return on their property

22 February 2020

Durban saw a huge influx of visitors over the festive period, which put property investors in the best position to earn income from their investment properties at Pebble Beach, Sibaya. …


Durban beats cape town in the holiday property race

12 February 2020

Despite stiff competition from the Atlantic Seaboard, Durban is attracting investors looking for coastal holiday homes. FNB’s latest property barometer shines a light on where people are purchasing additional property …


Orcas have complex social structures

10 February 2020

Although it’s unlikely you’ll ever see an orca or Killer Whale in the wild, they are very much present here off the coast of Southern Africa. Orca’s really are amazing …


World whale heritage site status for Durban

15 January 2020

Did you know that The Bluff in Durban has been named a World Whale Heritage site? Read more about why this is such a prestigious accolade for Durban. One of …


Nature’s prescription for health

19 December 2019

Did you know that in North Devon, UK there is a “surfing for mental health” group? It may sound a bit cheesy but being by water is good for your …


Humpback whales numbers return to those of a century ago

5 December 2019

The Humpback whale was very recently on the brink of extinction due to whale hunting practices in the 1900s. as recently as the 1950s there were as few as 450 …


The rise of short-term letting

12 November 2019

Everybody knows Airbnb Airbnb is a phrase which rolls of the tongue- a part of the common everyday lexicon today. What was once a strange and foreign concept is now …


Connection, people and precinct

25 October 2019

Life at Pebble Beach not only means coastal resort-style living, but also access to the prestigious Sibaya Coastal Precinct. As the country’s best performing residential precinct, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct …


Your estate facilities

18 October 2019

Nestled in the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, boasting uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean and overlooking a lush forest buffet, lies Pebble Beach. The last residential development within this node to …


Located within Sibaya

10 October 2019

Live within a haven that presents a life full of natural splendour. The magnificent sea views capture the heart, and the dense lush forest surrounds ignite the adventurous soul. Developed …

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