Décor trends from The Set-up team

Creating the perfect space needn’t be expensive or time-consuming, and with the right professional help you can furnish your property to suit your lifestyle and your needs.

The Set-up is a turnkey furnishing solution which offers a range of packages depending on your budget, and what you want to use your property for, whether to rent out, to use as your holiday home or to live in permanently. The Set-up team have their finger on the pulse when it comes to décor trends, and here are some of their favourite, and inexpensive, trends of 2020:

Italian influence

If you’ve been watching The Block, you’ll know that Terrazzo is making big waves. From floor tiles to back splashes to bathroom finishes, Terrazzo is becoming a trendy look for homes. Originally a type of flooring from Venice, Terrazzo is made up of chips of granite, glass, marble and other iridescent materials which are set into a composite to create a tile. This style has now moved away from hard surfaces and floors and into wall finishes like wallpaper and feature walls.


Green is the new black

Greenery never goes out of fashion and large indoor plants add drama and depth to a space without having to do very much. Bare walls can be dressed up with long, slimline, potted plants which also add height and help in resolving a space. The beauty about using plants as decorative features is that they are not permanent fixtures and can be moved around or replaced cheaply and easily. Large Ficus varietals are perennially popular and suited to indoor conditions. These varietals include the Fiddle Leaf (Ficus Lyrata), Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica) and Ficus Alii (Ficus Maclellandii). Other popular and visually appealing plants include palms like the Majesty Palm (Ravenea Rivularis) and the Areca Palm (Dypsis Lutescens). If well cared for, these plants can reach heights of 6 to 8 feet!

A touch of tribal

With a global movement to stay at home becoming more popular, people are opting for textures and fabrics which are soft to the touch. Hard floors are being covered with large carpets and rugs in tribal patterns and shapes. Muted and neutral shag pile carpets are ideal for bedroom spaces and underneath beds to add texture and form to a space.

Scatters are not only for seating

One of the unsung heroes of the décor world has to be the scatter cushion. The scatter makes a living space look welcoming and resolved but not austere. A bold move is to use mismatched scatters or to mix fabrics like velvets and tweeds, or faux fur and mock reptile-print vinyl. One of the newer trends seen on beds is to have scatters of different shapes and heights. The aim is to move away from obsessive symmetry in the bedroom, to a more relaxed and welcoming feel. Aim to create width with scatters on a bed, as opposed to depth – stacking too many (one in front of another) will make the bed look smaller.


Chanel inspired

Black and white screams Parisian chic, but it’s not just as simple as black and white. Consider choosing a tint that is a few shades darker than white on the colour spectrum and pair it with a tone that is not a true black. The aim is to create a tasteful contrast not a chessboard effect. If you’re into a monochromatic look, be mindful not to simply choose everything in one colour, rather opt for shades that are on the same spectrum. True white or bright white is not often found in nature so opt for something softer. For example, Ivory and Sea Salt are on the same colour spectrum but are not the same colour yet when they are paired together, they create a ‘monochromatic’ look. Monochrome is about pairing similar colours but not the same colour. Explore Pantone.com for some more ideas.


Bohemian Rhapsody

The Boho look is about softness, think folds of fabric, natural fibres and materials and pared-down colours. Boho works best when combined with ultra-modern elements like matte black sanware, sleek brushed aluminium handles and geometric shapes. For example, a rattan weave chair in an updated shape looks on-trend without being stark while a macramé wall hanging against a bold feature wall makes an impact without being in your face.


Champions of industry

The industrial look never really disappeared; it just grew up a bit. Hard metals are one of the steadfast elements of this trend. While not all spaces are suited to exposed copper piping and raw brick walls, industrial elements are introduced through sanware (again, matte black taps), gold (hard-edged gilt-lined mirrors) and a touch of Scandi (or Scandinavian) styling.

Depending on what you want to do with your property, The Set-up has a solution for you. With a panel of interior designers, the team will curate your space and create a bespoke design that is both functional and visually rich.

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