Easter traditions across the world

Observed as a religious holiday in South Africa, Easter is also synonymous with several traditions ranging from ‘Easter bunny’ appearances to eating hot cross buns and pickled fish over the weekend. Easter traditions are celebrated differently across the world, each with their own meaning and history behind them. These customs have been upheld and are still celebrated even in the smallest regions of the world over this time.

The Polish observe an Easter tradition called Śmigus-dyngus, known as ‘Wet Monday’. For the boys on Wet Monday, it is customary to drench the neighbourhood girls using buckets of water, squirt guns and even water balloons. Tuesday presents the girls of Poland the same opportunity to avenge the previous day’s fun on the boys. The festival dates back a few centuries and it is rumoured that the girl who is soaked the most, will be the next to get married.

Haux, France
Eggs abound! The town of Haux celebrates Easter Monday by cooking up a giant omelette comprising more than 15 000 eggs and feeds up to 1000 people on the day. This tradition dates back from Napoléon Bonaparte, when the famous French military, political leader, and his army were travelling through the South of France and stopped in a small town and had omelettes. Napoléon enjoyed the eggs so much, that he requested the townspeople cook up a large egg for his army.

Island of Corfu, Greece
Promptly, on Easter Saturday at 11am, the people of the Island of Corfu throw clay pots from their balconies. This custom dates back to the 16th century, when people would get rid of their old and useless belongings by throwing them out the window to scare away evil spirits and mark new beginnings.

In South Africa, many individuals use this long weekend to get away from bustling cities. Easter at Pebble Beach brings about tons of family fun with local traditions and the ideal location to relax or enjoy Easter egg hunts.

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