Lifestyle advantage: Health Benefits of living by the ocean

Living by the ocean provides a lifestyle advantage that goes far beyond stunning views and sandy beaches. It’s a gateway to a world of health benefits that positively impact our physical and mental well-being.

The ocean has been cherished throughout history for its healing properties, and coastal living allows us to tap into this ancient wisdom. From the invigorating sea breeze that fills your lungs with fresh air to the rhythmic sound of the waves that lull us into a deep sense of calm, the ocean offers a natural sanctuary where stress dissipates and relaxation flourishes.

More Sunshine, More Vitamin D

We all need more vitamin D. If you think about it, we spend far more time indoors than outdoors. Being by the ocean gives you open skies and bright sunshine streaming in through the windows. The coast is inviting, and you will find ample opportunities to go outside and soak up the sun.

Vitamin D helps with your overall well-being. You will find you are able to sleep better after time in the sun. It has also been known to assist with better calcium absorption in your daily life.

Healthy Sea Air

When we breathe in the sea air, it’s not just the refreshing breeze that invigorates us—it’s also the subtle presence of salt. The salt in the sea air carries a range of health benefits that contribute to our overall well-being. From respiratory support to skin health, the salty sea air offers a natural therapy that can enhance vitality and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Sea air is full of healthy minerals including iodine, magnesium and salt. Iodine has been known to support a healthy thyroid gland which helps to regulate your metabolism. Magnesium is known to alleviate tired muscles, reduce stress and help with regulating blood pressure.

Fill your lungs with a deep breath of sea air and you’re also breathing in more oxygen to your system. Studies have shown that sea air is cleaner and fresher, boosting your oxygen levels. making you feel more alert while also giving you a better quality of sleep at the end of the day.

Improved Circulation

Did you know that walking barefoot on beach sand improves your circulation? The sand massages the souls of your feet increasing your circulation and helping to promote faster muscle recovery. It is also a great way to help improve your balance and can be a fantastic for exercise. The uneven surface makes your muscles work harder to gain traction and is a good workout for anyone of all ages.

Being close to the ocean, often gives you that nudge to venture outdoors and take in the natural scenery and fresh air. Schedule regular beach walks, allowing your feet to sink into the sand as you stroll along the shoreline. Embrace the sensory delight and therapeutic properties that beach sand offers and make it part of your holistic well-being routine.

Happy Days, Happy Brain Waves

The colour blue is often associated with feelings of peace, tranquillity, and stability. When we see the ocean before us, a vast expanse of crystal blue, our brain releases neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, commonly known as the “feel-good” chemicals. This natural chemical response helps to alleviate stress and elevate our mood, promoting a sense of happiness and contentment.

Did you know that our brains have a profound positive reaction to water? It’s not just a matter of personal preference; it’s a scientifically proven fact. Numerous studies have shown that our brains respond favourably to the presence of water. The sight, sound, and even touch of water have a beneficial impact on our emotional well-being.

Whether it’s living close to water, gazing at the expansive iridescent blue, or listening to the rhythmic crashing of waves against the shore, water has the incredible ability to bring us a sense of relief and relaxation. Even standing at your balcony railing and taking in the view can instantly induce a feeling of calm, causing your shoulders to relax and your body rhythms to slow down.

Ancient wisdom of the sea

Throughout history, the ocean has been revered for its health benefits. Nowhere is more famous in history than Bath, in England. Physicians regularly recommended their patients to sojourn by the sea or take the healing waters at Bath. Mind, body and spirit benefit from the nourishment of the ocean, improving your lifestyle at every step of the way.

Coastal regions in KwaZulu-Natal, including the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, have long been recognised for their connection to well-being. Today, we can still tap into this historical wisdom and experience the positive effects of coastal living.

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