Birdlife found within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct

Nestled between the bustling M4 highway and great Indian Ocean, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct enjoys access to 350 hectares of coastal forest. This natural asset is home to a range of fauna and flora. From diverse plant life and trees to the Marine Conservancy stretching along from first to sixth Avenue within the town of Umdloti, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct prides itself in vibrant nature offerings that help beautify the landscape and provide a range of adventures for those seeking a unique outdoor experience.

According to South African Bird Atlas Project 2 (SABAP2), the Sibaya Coastal Precinct is home to at least 279 documented sightings of unique bird species. Some of these include European Honey Buzzard, Green Malkoha which is endemic to South Africa and the Crested Guineafowl.

The European Roller was also identified for the first time in May 2021. These distinct birds are known to migrate annually between Eurasia and Africa and were previously classified as globally ‘Near Threatened’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Birdlife International.

These coastal birds enjoy a subtropical atmosphere that comprise a range of plant life and dune forest along with wetland environments. The safe and guided boardwalks within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct ensure that visitors have a safe space to birdwatch and explore as these unique creratures thrive in the forest.

Through the constant efforts of the Sibaya Precinct Master Management Association and clean up teams, the forest routinely undergoes maintenance and various rehabilitation programmes to ensure that the wildlife living in the area have a healthy space to enjoy, while also continuing to attract other species.

Living at Pebble Beach, you will have full view of this beautiful conservancy and even enjoy direct access to this forest. Whether you choose to explore the coastal forest yourself, or view the birdlife from your Pebble Beach balcony, you will delight in the sound of birds chirping and fluttering in the background of your day-to-day life.

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