Get your head in the right space

January presents the ideal time to set mindful goals for the year ahead. The need for mental and emotional intelligence is on the rise in modern day lifestyles and the practice of meditation, yoga and having daily reflections can help you deal with stress and daily demands. Meditation and mindfulness can also lower blood pressure levels, and even improve your sleep patterns.

Practicing these rituals indoors brings value to your life, however, exposure to nature and the outdoors can bring a further advantage to its benefits. Increased energy levels, reduced feelings of anger, fear, and stress hormones, as well as a feeling of general physical wellbeing are a few of the added advantages you can experience when your exposed to the outdoors and nature more often.

The Sibaya Coastal Precinct presents the ideal setting to start your journey of mindfulness and daily reflections. As a resident of Pebble Beach, you have direct access to safe walking trails and the beach, where you can easily pick the ideal spot to steal a few moments to yourself. Taking a mindful walk or practising yoga along the shore can bring you added physical benefits such as having the natural exfoliation for your feet and a sense of relaxation with the gentle sounds of the waves breaking in the backdrop. While restrictions are in place for beach visits, use the Pebble Beach rooftop areas to find the perfect view of the ocean, and listen to the sound of the waves crashing while you find your zen.

There are a plethora of spots that are ideal for alone time with your thoughts. No matter your choice of practice, or preferred spot to self-reflect, use this year to set intentions and make it a successful one.

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