Live like you’re on holiday every day

Pebble Beach offers you an oasis; whether you live there permanently or visiting from time to time, you can’t help but feel you’re at an exclusive retreat. To help you escape the hustle and bustle of life, we have put together some tips to set you up to live like you’re on holiday every day!

Set the mood

Set that holiday year-round mood by adding a few touches here and there. A seaside home with a view or including beach themed décor items make all the difference. By utilising services like The Set-up, you can ensure your home has the ultimate tranquil coastal vibe.

Use the facilities

The best part about holidays is being able to access the facilities. Pebble Beach is your private retreat from the norm and has a myriad of amenities just a few steps away. Soak up the sun at one of the rooftop pools. Play putt-putt or sizzle some meat on the braai while looking out to incredible ocean surrounds. Pebble Beach caters to all, find your favourite spot and unwind.

Explore the surrounds

The summer months provide the ideal time to get the family together and head out. Sibaya is home to a secure coastal forest, beach and green lung. Along the coast or through green areas, you can escape into nature, the way you would on a real holiday and enjoy the sights around you.

Pebble Beach presents the ideal resort-style living that gives you the perfect atmosphere and access to lifestyle facilities to live like you’re on holiday all the time!

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