Pebble Beach. A Safe & Secure KZN Estate

Peace of mind comes naturally when you make the decision to move to a gated, secure KZN estate that boasts some of the best properties on the North Coast. At Pebble Beach, we’ve built a secure estate that provides the ultimate lock-up-and-go apartment lifestyle on the KwaZulu-Natal Northcoast, with estate facilities where you can spend a care-free day out at our resort-style pools or walking about the trails. You will also benefit from the additional layer of security that the Sibaya Precinct provides.

Secure KZN Estate Living at Pebble Beach

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From the moment you drive into the Sibaya circle on Heleza Boulevard where Pebble Beach is situated, there is a sense that you’ve entered a safe, protected area. The Sibaya precinct is a series of office blocks, cafés and residential estates in a sophisticated, integrated design that has a constant security presence. You’ve entered, not just the roadway to your estate, but a larger community where you can rely on neighbours, and on the neighbouring estates that call Sibaya Precinct home.

Manned Gatehouse

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Greet the friendly security guards on your way into the estate, scan your secure estate biometrics and rest assured that your vehicle and your person is safe: this is the lifestyle we promote at Pebble Beach. The gatehouse is responsible for signing in your guests and informing you when your guests enter the premises. No unwanted persons will be able to enter the estate or access your property with these mechanisms in place.

It is also an added peace of mind that our security personnel will get to know you by name and are aware of the vehicle you drive. This type of vigilance is why secure estate living is in such high demand in South Africa. There is a personal touch of that old village charm, while still being on the lookout for our residents’ safety. With these measures in place, you can enter the estate feeling relaxed and confident in your safety as you approach your home.

Perimeter fencing

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Strong, secure, perimeter fencing surrounds the Dolphin Coast estate, ensuring that while you are within our boundaries you can let your guard down and feel at home. Take up running or walking in the morning and explore the grounds at your leisure. You can spend more time working on your health and fitness goals or simply be outside in the green, meditative environment without any worries.

We have cultivated an outdoor area that we want residents to freely use. This is the epitome of resort life where everyday is as if you are on vacation. Come down to the resort style pools and relax on our pool loungers, enjoy a home-style picnic and let the kids use the slides. Living in our secure estate means that you can get to know your neighbours at the pool, partake in braais together and let the kids play together at the pool or on the lawns.

24-Hour CCTV Presence

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All the facilities at Pebble Beach are strictly for the use of our residents and their guests. We have CCTV presence in our public areas which monitors the comings and goings of the day. The footage is routed to a secure, central monitoring hub accessed by the security presence onsite.

From our rooftop 3-hole putt-putt to the grounds and back up to the rooftop pools, you will be able to unwind after a long day’s work in true resort style. For those who aim to work from home, you can feel secure within your apartment and take regular breaks by visiting our public areas, or even bringing your work to the pool for a change of scenery.

Our facilities management team are housed within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct and are on hand to attend to any work needed within the estate. Maintenance of our facilities is essential to ensure a safe environment for all. Within our estate, we abide by a general code of conduct, assisted by our Body Corporate rules. You can feel at ease knowing that your neighbours, and anyone new joining our community, are aware of the secure estate environment we promote and endeavours to uphold this.

With your well-being and safety taken care of, you have the lay of the land at Pebble Beach. Plan your days full of family activities and let your kids make friends in the complex with full access to our kids’ play area and jungle gym.

Envision your Pebble Beach home as the perfect oasis where you can commute to work daily, spend time with family hosting the latest rugby game or travel to the area’s latest bars and restaurants on this secure estate in KZN. Make the most of your new home in Pebble Beach, where a new lifestyle awaits.

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