The best 4 tidal pools in the world

Pebble Beach Sibaya is close to some incredible beaches along KZN’s North Coast that showcase the beautiful golden seashores and pristine blue waters that many families have come to know and love.

Tidal pools are a popular choice when it comes to coastal family time and safe beach swimming. Experience the salty waters while taking in the fresh coastal air without fear of difficult tides. Depending on where you are in the world, tidal pools also host a range of sea critters that live within this ecosystem.

We look at some of the most popular tidal pools around the world.

Kaikoura tidepools, on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island

The Kaikoura tidepools host some of the most beautifully refreshing tidal pools comprising a range of sea creatures like starfish, nursery fish and shrimp. The area is also popular for whale and seal colony watching.

Porto Moniz, Madeira, Portugal

The tidepools located off the little town of Porto Moniz is commonly known for their amazing seawater lava pools that are perfect for daytime swimming. Divided into 2 sections; the natural pools overlooking the Ilheu Mole island and the charming, converted Lido pool used more frequently for safe, family swimming.

Saunders Rock, Cape Town, South Africa

Blessed with some of the best tidal pools in the world, Cape Town features a range of diverse pools that host a range of aquatic life and swimming attractions. Saunders Rock in Cape Town provides the perfect location for swimming. Surrounded by earthly granite boulders, swimmers can enjoy beautiful views as the sun sets and even daytime swimming on windy days.

Giola, Lagoon Thasos

Giola is arguably one of the most exquisite naturally crafted tidepools in the world; it’s no wonder it made our list! Located in the region of Astris, the rock heights around the pool reach up to 8 meters which is perfect for divers that visit the area. Clear pristine waters from the Aegean Sea provide the perfect temperatures to take a cool afternoon dip in the area.

With Umdloti beach’s tidal pool within close proximity of Pebble Beach, you can get a feel for tidal pool swimming at its finest.

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