The best resort pools on the planet

Hotel Bel-Air, California

Framed by California’s trademark palm trees and other blossoming blooms, the hotel boasts a beautiful outdoor pool. Interestingly, a horse-riding ring existed where the pool now is, hence why the pool has its now iconic oval shape. The design of the pool has not changed since the hotel opened in the 1940s, and the clientele remain as chic as ever. You can lounge pool side under crisp white umbrellas and enjoy refreshments which are served hourly.


The Silo Hotel, Cape Town

Placed atop an unused grain silo, this pool boasts panoramic views of Cape Town. With a strict guests-only pool access, you can wile the day away floating on a stylish striped cushion while taking in the views of the Atlantic Ocean, the cityscape, and the iconic Table Mountain.


Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

With 57 storeys, on the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel complex is the infinity pool. The pool is 150 metres long, which has earned it the title of the world’s largest rooftop pool. What’s interesting is that the pool actually set on the world’s largest cantilever platform, which hangs over the complex’s North Tower by 67 metres! Guests can unwind and enjoy bites and refreshments from their sun loungers, or watch the water effortlessly glide over the edge of the pool while taking in the glittering Singapore city views. Although visitors are permitted to visit the complex’s viewing platform, for privacy reasons, the hotel pool remains off-limits.


Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Known as the playground of the rich and famous, this Monaco hotel pool looks like something out of a classic James Bond film. It’s not surprising to discover that Chanel’s head designer, Karl Lagerfeld is the man behind its design. Around the heated saltwater pool are chic black and white loungers, private day beds and chairs, while a classic Greek key design motif frames the exterior border of the pool. The pool area includes private cabanas, terraced gardens, and other amazing visual treats like the wall mural installation. This mural, in black and white, depicts images of lithe models with the 1800s Greek coastline in the background and is back lit by LED lights.

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